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Grana Padano PDO: Not Only Tasty, But Healthy

Mila Tenaglia

We met Doctor Crippa at Eataly during the Grana Padano Cheese Health presentation in which he explained to us the research he has conducted over the last two years on this type of...

BOOKS. Riding the Streets of Utica

Fred Gardaphe

The actual unsolved murder of one Fred Morelli, whose immigrant father had his cigar business busted by the state for withholding sales tax, an act that drives Fred to the dark...

The Clarinet Was Invented by the Devil

Enzo Capua

There was a time, around the 1930s, when jazz music became so popular and recognizable that even today it is still described as the peak of the “Jazz Era”, which in fact began...

Eight Tales of Lost Books

Tiziana Rinaldi Castro

Van Straten tells the story of eight lost books—books that were burned, destroyed or locked away for decades. What to make of these eight stories? If we are dumb-founded by...

Italy is a Summer Festival

Judith Harris

More than ever before, Italy is a summer festival, with programs on offer from Sicily to the Val d'Aosta, from the Maremma to the Alta Irpinia. Topics range from communications to creativity, to how humanism can confront the terrible wave of terrorism.

Let’s Bring the Casa on Every Screen!

Stefano Albertini

Following the recent passing of its beloved founder, Baroness Mariuccia Zerilli-Marimò, the prestigious Casa Italiana of New York University elected as its new president Giorgio...

NIAF To Award A Full-Tuition Scholarship at Accademia Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Italy

Deadline to Apply: October 30, 2016 Applications Online at:

Two Brothers from Salerno, the Panuozzo and the Saint

L. A.

This is a story of emigration like so many others, or so it may seem. But in our opinion, this one has a special determination. We are talking about two brothers originally from...

Italians are Lovers for Food, Fighters of Waste

Bryan Solomon

Robert De Niro and Massimo Bottura are teaming up to bring a food refectory to the Bronx to fight food waste in the United States.

Villa Giulia Returns to Its Former Glory

Bryan Solomon

With funding assistance from a group of secret Japanese donors, the spectacular Villa Giulia has been restored to its original beauty.

Learning (and Teaching) How to Become Italian

Lucia Pasqualini

With Michael White, Head Chef and Owner of the Altamarea Group. Musings on how much non-natives with a robust knowledge of the culture and language can help promote the...

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