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Current Food, Wine & Restaurant Trends in Italy

The seminar Current Food, Wine & Restaurant Trends in Italy: Will they Happen Here? Held at VINO 2016-Italian Wine Week looked at some of the key established and emerging trends...

Special Educational Presentations @ VINO-Italian Wine Week

Natasha Lardera

The 5th edition of VINO-Italian Wine Week, the leading Italian wine event to take place in the United States, has officially kicked off and with a bang! Over the course of a week...

The Italian Wine Revolution

Rosemary D'Avernia

Luciano Pignataro, a journalist for Naples’ Il Mattino—the leading newspaper in Southern Italy—has spent the last thirty years writing about agriculture and the last twenty...

Songs from Shylock's Venice. Ensemble Lucidarium


On the 500th anniversary of the establishment of the Venetian Ghetto (1516 - 2016). In collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Washington D.C. and the Italian Cultural...

Fashion, National Geographic

Camilla Santinelli
National Geographic

A group of young ladies in swimsuit(s) portrayed on a beach in Florida at the end of the ‘20s, a bald head completely covered by a giant, colorful tattoo of a man in Pittsburgh, the photo of a stolen moment of a man and a woman during a party in their fancy dresses at Venice Casino as well as details, ornaments and accessories of traditional dresses from all over the world. All of this (and so much more) is what Fashion is about.

Civil Unions: Debate is Fierce but the Voting Goes Forward

Judith Harris

Despite some 5,000 amendments proposed by Sen. Roberto Calderoli of the Northern League, on Feb. 10 the Italian Senate began the voting process on the government's highly...

Meet the New Italians of New York

R. C.

This year sees the start of a new series of networking events promoted by the Consulate General of Italy in New York for young Italians residing in the Tri-state area.

Adventures in Italian Opera by Cavaliere Fred Plotkin

A. C.

For another season Fred Plotkin will sit down with guests from the opera world at NYU’s Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò. Plotkin, a world-renowned speaker and writer much admired...

Remembering Pino Daniele

Stanislao Pugliese

The renowned singer-songwriter who combined African- American blues, rock, and neapolitan music to great e ect died one year ago.

Vino 2016 - Italian Wine Week, the greatest Italian wine event ever held in the U.S.

With Maurizio Forte, Trade Commissioner & Executive Director for the US of the Italian Trade Commission. The 5th edition of VINO-Italian Wine Week, the leading Italian wine...

Addio to Renato Bialetti, the Inventor of the Moka

The Italian entrepreneur know for the iconic Moka and the “Little Man with a Moustache, has died in Ascona, at the age of 93

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