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M. T.

What began for a lark is still a lark, even if it has become something more. What the heck are we talking about? Read on to find out.

How to REALLY Enjoy Panettone Traditional Italian Cake

Darrell Fusaro

It's amazing how what we think we know can limit the size of our life.

IAWA's Premiere of Student Partners Night Features Three Jersey “Girls”


On 2nd Saturday, December 12, IAWA will premiere its first Student Partners Reading featuring recent graduates from New Jersey City University (NJCU): Cassandra Casella, Chloe...

The Landing of Migrants: Is it Possible to Transform Lampedusa Into a New Ellis Island?

Marcello Saja

Among the many analyses concerning the current emergency of illegal immigration to Italy, there happen to be some improbable comparisons between what Ellis Island represented to...

The Prospering Power of Thanksgiving Is More Than American

Darrell Fusaro
Fusaro 2015

Thanksgiving Day is a global reset button; a collective time out. It gets us to break the momentum of focusing on what we don’t have (with our non-stop striving to get it), and to focus on the good we do have.

Amara Lakhous: Tackling the Issue of Immigration a Novel at a Time

Natasha Lardera

Amara Lakhous is an Algerian/Italian writer whose novels are a literary sensation in Italy. He presented his work at Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò, in an enlightening conversation...

The Life and Death of Modern Immigrants

Fred Gardaphe

You might never know a refugee, but having read 'Morning Sea', you will feel what it might be like to have lived and died as one

Morandi’s Sound of Silence

Renato Miracco

Visiting the exhibition dedicated to Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964) at the Center for Italian Modern Art is truly a must.

What a ‘Culture Manager’ Can Bring to the Table

Stefano Albertini

Interview with Giorgio Van Straten, director of the Italian Cultural Institute in New York

Part I: Moira Orfei and Other Brilliant Italian Women

Judith Harris

On Nov. 15 beautiful Moira Orfei died in Brescia at age 84, plunging many Italians into a special kind of nostalgic mourning. A circus kid, she flew on a trapeze, appeared in 34...

Jerry’s Shopping Dream

I. I

The italian philosophy of selling the best products at the lowest possible prices

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